What to see in Sacramento – the capital of California

When planning an independent trip to the USA, namely to California, many often do not pay attention to the amazing cities that lie away from the “promoted” tourist attractions.

One of these unfairly unpopular cities is Sacramento.
But this is one of the oldest California cities and today’s capital of California. It is a city with a vibrant and rich history. Back in 1839, John Sutter, an American pioneer of Swiss origin, arrived on these lands and, having built a fort, founded a trading colony.

Almost 10 years later, gold was found here: the fort and the colony began to grow rapidly and after a couple of years received the status of a city. It was a prosperous city, truly fabulously rich, because Sacramento was the only California city that managed to pay $ 1 million in 1854 and thus buy itself the status of state capital.

When planning to visit Sacramento during your trip to the USA, you can visit many different museums, but even 1 day will be enough for you to see something in this city that will remain in your memory forever.
First of all, head to Old Sacramento.

You seem to be transported through the centuries into the past.

On the main street of old Sacramento are amazing 19th century California style houses. You will walk along real wooden sidewalks. There is also a part of the preserved old railway. Near the old wooden school of Sacramento, where you can go and see for free how and what little Americans studied in the 19th century.

Right on the embankment you will see a miracle of engineering and design thought of the 30s of the 20th century: an electric bridge over the Sacramento River, the central part of which was raised to let ships through during the navigation period.

Turning your back on the bridge, you will see (in the distance) another landmark of the city – the Sacramento Capitol – the place where the state government of California operates.

Entrance there is also absolutely free, in addition, interesting free tours in English are held every hour.

Well, you can complete your acquaintance with Sacramento at the origins of this city – near the famous fortress, which became the beginning of the development of the city on this land in California.
Sutter’s Fort is located near the Capitol.

Sacramento International Airport’s corridors are now adorned with a unique carpet, created using technologies akin to the way print companies apply photographs or images to mugs, t-shirts, and photo wallpapers. The carpet of the pedestrian crossing leading travelers from the car park building to the terminals features an aerial photograph of the Sacramento River. A person walking on such a carpet feels as if he is already in flight.

Attractions and attractions in Sacramento

While not the largest city in the state of California like San Francisco, there are plenty of must-see places to really experience Sacramento.

Here you can also see a unique invention of American designers and engineers – an electric bridge that runs across the river. It works only at the moment when it is necessary to let the ships passing through the river pass.

If you stand with your back to the bridge, then you will have a beautiful view of the most important attraction of Sacramento – this is the Capitol, which is simply impossible not to visit.

This is where the state government of California is located. In it you can get on an excursion, which is held there every hour. Most importantly, it is completely free. However, it is only held in English.

You should also visit the local zoo. Of course, in many respects, and most importantly, in size, it is inferior to the zoo, which is located in San Diego. But here there is a more comfortable atmosphere, and the animals are in comfortable conditions for them.

Giraffes are considered the most important favorites of visitors to the Sacramento Zoo. It is also worth noting that these are the largest animals here. The zoo is located in the main William Land Park, where you can play golf and enjoy the surrounding nature.

The city of Sacramento (California) has many attractions that cannot be bypassed in one day. The city has a museum of the railway, fine arts, there is also a theater, a symphony orchestra. For this reason, every tourist will find something to their liking in this city.