Sacramento Kings – Facts about the NBA team

Sacramento Kings. Team from Sacramento, California. The Kings were founded in 1923 and have been in the NBA since 1945. The first name of the team is “Rochester Seagrams”, the current one has been since 1985. The team plays in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. Sacramento reached the NBA Finals once and won the championship in 1951.

Fun Fact About the Sacramento Kings

In 2015, Kings Indian owner Vivek Ranadive suggested that the team should always leave one player in the opponent’s half of the court. Several times the team even took his advice.

The Kings are the 21st best team in the entire league as ranked by all 32 teams in NBA 2K23. At launch, Sacramento has an overall team rating of 86. The Kings will also have a total of three players with a rating of 80 or higher in NBA 2K23, including a two-time All-NBA first team player.

National Basketball Association

Let’s start with the fact that in 1891 James Naismith invented the game of basketball. Originally from Canada but based in America, he taught college PE. Classes in the hall were monotonous and boring. Then James hung a basket around the edges, where he suggested throwing balls.

News of the game began to spread throughout the country, and local basketball teams soon emerged. Leagues followed. They appeared and disappeared one after another. But two stood out: the National Basketball League (NBL), founded in 1937, and the Basketball Association of America (BAA).

BAA appeared 9 years after the NBL. It established itself in big cities and became a direct competitor to the national league, which held games in schools. The fact is that the association had behind its shoulders large sponsors in the person of the founders – the owners of large hockey arenas and Maurice Podolof, who was at the helm.

In fact, the NBL had the best players, and the BAA had the money and the opportunity to play in stadiums. This was the impetus for the union.

When the two leagues merged in 1949, the total number of teams reached 16 and the name was changed to the National Basketball Association. However, in the 1950s, the number of teams dwindled along with the support of the fans, and by the 1954-55 season there were only eight. In the same year, the league created the 24-second rule, which made the game more dynamic and interesting.

Fans returned and the league, now financially solvent, expanded. Today, the NBA has 30 teams and attracts players and millions of fans from around the world.

NBA regulations

Many of the rules of the game have not changed since the founding of the league. There have been only adjustments. However, the National Basketball Association is also notorious for its unofficial rules and ways to break them. Let’s talk about the most important and interesting of them.

The clubs are divided into the Eastern and Western conferences, as we mentioned above. Each of them includes three divisions: Atlantic, Central and Southeast belong to the first and Northwest, Pacific and Southwest belong to the second. Each season begins with the regular season, in which all teams play the same number of games.

4 matches against each opponent in the division (16 games); 4 matches against each of the 6 teams in their conference (24 games); 3 matches against each of the 4 remaining teams in their conference (12 games); 2 matches with each of the teams of the opposite conference (30 games). Total 82 matches.

Champions of regular matches advance to the playoffs. 8 teams from each conference. Then the competition continues until 4 wins.

The rules applied during the game have their own history. For example, the 24 second rule. This means that the team in possession of the ball must shoot within 24 seconds. The rule was invented by Danny Bison of the Syracuse Nationals, now called the Philadelphia 76ers. Thus, the game became more energetic, and the team did not hold the ball, being away from the ring.

The Miken rule was created, as the name implies, in honor of the basketball player George Miken. The creation of a three-second zone near the ring is due to the fact that the athlete was very tall – 208 cm and weight – 114 kg. He just stood at the ring and threw balls that were passed to him. Opponents were indignant, after which the rule of finding players near the ring was introduced.

Interference with the ball getting into the ring is also created due to Miken. As he deftly threw the balls into the opponent’s ring, he was just as good at throwing them away from his own. Therefore, a rule was introduced forbidding touching the ball if it is lowered after a throw, but is still above the basket.

Athletic uniform rules that existed in the NBA until the 1980s stated that a player’s shoes must match the team’s uniform. Despite this, everyone was wearing white sneakers. When Michael Jordan signed with Nike and wore red and black Air Jordans to the game, the association fined him $5,000. They said that they would fine the basketball player every time until he put on the right shoes. As a result, Nike made a good advertisement on this and paid all the fines.