From trading colony to capital

The first person to set foot on the land of the future Sacramento was the American pioneer John Sutter. Having settled in these places, he formed a colony, built a fort and engaged in trade, which brought him considerable profit.

A few years later, gold deposits were discovered a couple of kilometers from the fort, and prospectors and gold prospectors hurried to the trading colony. The population increased, and already in the 50s of the 19th century, this trading settlement began to be called a city.

And in order for Sacramento to receive the status of the capital, a million dollars had to be paid as a tribute. By the way, in the foothills of Sacramento, “gold” mines still operate today, in which precious metal is mined.

With the beginning of the “gold rush” and population growth, the first transcontinental railroad was laid in Sacramento. The Pony Express courier company was founded in the city, with the help of which the goods were sent to different parts of the country.

Modern Socramento

Modern Sacramento literally “stands on the bones” of the old city. And the one that was the first is more interesting from a historical point of view. To save themselves from constant floods, Sacramento was built on the old foundations of buildings, on former streets, leaving underground tunnels below, which stalkers like to walk through today.

No racial discrimination!

Sacramento is home to people of all colors. There are white Americans, and Hispanics, and African Americans, and people of Asian origin, and Indians and mixed races. Many nations and nationalities, people with different ethnic characteristics and socio-economic status.

Everyone lives amicably and peacefully, there is no interethnic and racial disharmony at all. People are tolerant of each other, which can be seen with the naked eye.

A visit to the historical part of the city – Old Sacramento will help you to travel back to the 19th century. After a fire in 1852, it was reconstructed and now perfectly recreates the atmosphere of bygone times.

It is in this quarter that there are old houses of a real Californian style, with sidewalks lined with wooden boards, with part of the preserved railway station, the first wooden school where kids studied. Souvenir shops and stylized cafes are located in many houses.

Old Sacramento is a typical town from some American western. Next to these buildings is the embankment, on which city festivals often take place and from which an electric sliding bridge with a vertical lift Tower Bridge is thrown to the other side of Sacramento.

For art lovers

Incredibly interesting is the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. It is located in an old mansion built in 1870 and a new ultra-modern extension. The exposition of the museum consists of paintings of classical and modern art, sculpture and ceramics, made by master artists of the state of California.

This is the most interesting and complete exhibition in all of California.

Down the river

We definitely recommend taking a river excursion on a boat and sailing along the Sacramento River. You will become the heroes of Mark Twain’s stories for a while, consider urban areas, swim under the famous golden Tower Bridge, go with the flow and find yourself at another unusual bridge that opens for ships to pass around its axis, see fishermen’s boats and even sea lions that are found in river waters.

National parks

The Redwood National Park of the sunny state of the USA is interesting not only for its incredible vegetation tens of meters in height and the unusual color of the trees. Among the extensive plantings, ponds and woodlands, you can ride horses, visit exhibitions of unique plants, enjoy mountain biking, kayaking and even trout fishing. On the coastline, pictures of the exciting ocean with its large inhabitants, gray whales, open up.

Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento has 80 parks and park recreation areas. They are well equipped for relaxation and picnics, some have golf courses. Of course, the Sacramento Zoo cannot be compared to the scale of the San Diego Zoo, but despite its size, it attracts many tourists and locals. It is located in William Land Park.

The zoo is home to representatives of many species of animals that inhabit the state, as well as animals from other natural areas. Among the favorites of the public are red pandas, koalas and giraffes. The animals are in excellent conditions. In addition to the zoo, there is also a small aquarium with exotic fish and a terrarium with a collection of spiders. There are 500 animals in the zoo in total.